Washington Broken Promise

Are you kidding? One-hundred percent increases for retirees regarding prescription medication co-pays, and adding a TFL* fee to boot? Sorry folks, I made my decision to retire last year at 65 based on Medicare, retired pay, Social Security, & TFL being at least stable for retirees. Early comments from Defense Secretary Panetta indicated budget forecasts would “keep the faith,” for those already retired, and make budgetary adjustments in the force segments on a sliding scale. From my perspective, this amounts to a broken promise from Washington. My constituency will hear from me, and not just a rant like the one here. Let’s turn up the HEAT on this one. Let’s not forget to comment on the military-pay restructuring also. Does anyone learn from History? Read the article and let me know what you think.

* TFL (TriCare for Life) is a Medicare Supplement Plan that retired service-members receive as part of their retirement benefits. When planning for retirement one must at least factor-in the costs of medical care, return on your 401k accounts or other passive or investment income, along with ones retirement stipend. Contrary to some popular views, the military retirement stipend is, in the majority of cases, not enough by itself on which to subsist.

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