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One of my favorite shows on TV — Morning Joe!

Today, Tom Brokaw and Gen. Stanley McChrystal brought to life a clearer picture of how returning Veterans frequently struggle to reintegrate into society. With or without a downturn in the economy, Veterans–often out of real-life cultural circulation for several years–not only have to catch-up with current trends, but often carry the burden of educating the civilian workforce regarding their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Military members make great team players, and great employees. Take a look at this segment from MSNBC’s Morning Joe TV show. You will want to complete the story by watching the full interview of Army Staff Sergeant Charles Weaver by award-winning and noted journalist Tom Brokaw. Mr. Brokaw follows SSGT Weaver from the time just prior to his deployment to Iraq until after his military retirement, through unemployment, and finally to employment–covering a period of nearly ten years. The story is a powerful one of determination, disappointment, fulfillment, and finally victory: it showcases the hardships borne by many returning Vets, and highlights the actions of one employer who capitalized on Weaver’s hidden talents. This WIN-WIN scenario is a must see.

If you’ve never watched Morning Joe, you’re missing some really Great Television. It’s not just another news show, it’s a cacophony of wit, satire, politically correct and incorrect discourse, opined by well-known and some not so well-known guests. Discover the raw right, the extreme left, and the happy middle. Watch Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist, and a host of 30 or more noted consultants, journalists, and news celebrities dissect, analyze, argue, and entertain as they bring you into current events rather than just expose you to them. “MoJo” is the only early-morning show to catch my attention since MSNBC fired Don Imus and cancelled Imus In The Morning. After MoJo, stick around for Chuck Todd’s “Daily Rundown,” you won’t be disappointed!

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