Bob Hanshaw – Home

Bob Hanshaw–“which one?” you ask. Here’s some information to help identify who resides here…

A native of Sacramento, California, I left junior college to join the US Navy during the mid-’60s at the height of the Vietnam-era draft. At the time I was studying electronics, following my childhood passion for all things technology. Early in my 24-year Naval career, I became first an electronic technician and later entered the cryptologic community with the US Naval Security Group. My career spanned both enlisted and commissioned officer status, ending in 1989 when I retired from active service and once again joined the civilian ranks.  Embarking on a new journey, which included self-discovery & entrepreneurism, I discovered a love of life-long learning. Since my civilian rebirth, I’ve been a teacher, trainer, technical representative, freelance writer and photographer, academic counselor, student, futurist, and sometimes critically-acclaimed cynic.   After several life-altering experiences, I relocated from Florida to the Phoenix metroplex late in 2003.

My wife, Jan (Jan Elaine Hanshaw, formerly Wilson, of Crown King Press fame) and I are looking forward to a variety of activities in the coming years. We’re both musically inclined and enjoy country music as a common thread in our relationship–Jan having more eclectic preferences. Although not professionally inclined, I’ve been playing the pedal steel guitar and singing for a number of years, while Jan, on the other hand, plays keyboard, guitar, and enjoyed a brief career as a professional singer and entertainer on the Tucson nightclub circuit during the ’80s. Both Jan and I met on, and it’s been a “perfect match” ever since: we wed in March of 2006. Jan is currently the Financial Manager and Staff Technology Guru at Desert Song Yoga Studio in Phoenix, Arizona.

In May of 2011 I decided to move my focus from teaching high school business and technology toward adult education, career exploration, self-discovery counseling, and technology-integration mentoring. Each day my decision is reinforced by the fulfillment I feel working with my clients. In August of 2011, I began volunteer work with the East Valley Veterans’ Education Center, sponsored by Rio Salado College (EVVEC), and in February of 2012 have added an outreach connection through Maricopa Skills Center (MSC), part of Gateway Community College. As time progresses, I find myself working more with Veterans seeking employment or needing to update technology skills to re-enter the civilian workforce. Leveraging free access to Blackboard and EDMODO assets, I am able to bring an online mentoring option to any client who has access to the Internet. For those without computers or Internet access, both EVVEC and MSC provide the connectivity to make this happen. Not-for-profit Veteran organizations provide transportation and assistance to Vets seeking reintegration and employment.

Visualizing the future is exciting, and both Jan & I wish you the very best. We invite you to keep track of our progress, and we’d love to hear about your activities and what keeps you moving forward.

Cheers – Bob & Jan Hanshaw, Chandler, AZ