Wayward Hot-Air Balloon; Unexpected Invasion Of Privacy?

After watching Jan walk past me in the hallway, I realized the swooshing sound I had been listening to for nearly five minutes was not the vacuum cleaner. I started for the kitchen when it dawned on me my dogs had also been barking incessantly and insistently for about the same amount of time. Holy cow! What was making such a loud noise if not coming from within the house. I looked out the kitchen window only to see the basket of a brightly colored hot-air balloon passing my backyard just 25 feet above the ground. What a shock! I ran for my camera and posted the resulting photos. I will follow up later with details if I find out more information.

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One thought on “Wayward Hot-Air Balloon; Unexpected Invasion Of Privacy?

  1. I spoke to Eric Zotcavage, assistant editor at KPHO, CBS News 5, about trying to further identify the stray balloon or it’s owner. According to Eric, balloons do sometimes run into difficulty; nevertheless, after watching this balloon rise and sail into the distant skies without apparent difficulty, it leads me to believe nearly touching down in my backyard was not an act of desperation.

    I am still looking for more information, so if anyone hears anything, please let me know.

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