Cost of Solar Power Drops.

If you’re interested or concerned about the future of technology and how it affects jobs, the economy, our natural resources, our mobility, our longevity as a species, and more, I recommend signing up for the Kurzweil Newsletter. The following article in today’s newsletter indicates some new findings about the true costs of producing solar energy. Solar cell production costs are decreasing, while fossil-fuel derived energy costs continue to climb, not to mention the global political overtones. Read the Kurzweil article for more information.

Help get the word out! This needs to be a topic of conversation for the general public. While Big Oil can spend Big$$$$ on advertising, i.e., Athabasca Oil Sands (Shell), little information reaches the average consumer on issues which have the potential for an equal impact; I’m talking jobs at the same time. Think about it! Every individual home in the country can generate some renewable power, and for an initial investment of less than one-dollar per watt, everyone can be working together–silently–to reduce the need for fossil-fuel-generated power. Can you imagine each and every individuals’ home or apartment connected and contributing to the power grid. Just like the Internet–the country would become much more energy interdependent. We could drastically reduce our collective demand on public utilities; our carbon footprint notwithstanding. It’s already late, but I see a need for R&D in the areas of energy storage and an improved infrastructure for energy distribution and managment. Let me know what you think.

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