Desert Song Yoga – Holiday Party

Owners Marybeth & Vince Markus of Desert Song Yoga Studio, the Valley’s oldest studio, hosted their annual employee & friends Holiday Extravaganza last Saturday evening. Having attended the last six, I must say this year’s was the best — they just keep getting better.

Fueled by hors d’oeuvres with added octane from Jan’s pomegranate martinis the festive event began rolling about 5 p.m., as guests arrived with their specialty dishes and gag-gift contributions for Desert Song’s version of the White Elephant Gift Exchange. A great time was had by all and judging by the gift selection, or lack thereof, next year’s party could produce the re-emergence of a heretofore historic Gnome-type visitor–I’m just sayin’. For you insiders, this may give pause for reflection regarding your selection of your next gift. But, by this time next year most will have forgotten about this warning, and it will be FUN as usual at the Markus hacienda. You won’t want to miss the pictures of the event either, taken by none other than yours truly.

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